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Scroobius Pip and Dan La Sac

Camden Town, Koko for Scroobius Pip and Dan Le Sac. The youth has a political voice after all, good for them. {vimeo}7200622{/vimeo}

Teal and Orange

Suddenly everyone on the Internet has overcome their colour blindness and noticed that every Hollywood blockbuster made in that last few years is a funny colour. Or more specifically two funny colours. That’ll be that Teal and Orange look then. Never been one to buck a trend I’ve regraded one of my holiday photos to illustrate the point: Strangely, my photo doesn’t seem to have quite the same look as all those movies though. Perhaps I need the help of […]


Anyone with half an eye on YouTube and too much time on their hands can’t have helped but notice the bizarre trend for un-boxing videos. Interestingly, this appears to be some form of basic regression back to childhood and at that level I almost wish I could share in the gleeful joy… that’s until I remember that I’m not a child and that the boxes being opened only contain a piece of electronic ephemera. This rather nasty fetishisation of an […]

Space Test

Here’s a test to see if I can get Joe floating in space. We couldn’t afford a zero gravity machine so I had to do it the hard way. {flv}Rocket-Space-Test{/flv}

Maybe I should make it take off?

Here’s the preliminary attempt at launching the thing. I think it worked out pretty well consider there was absolutely zero planning. I might re-shoot it given enough time so we don’t look so goofy at the end. {flv}Rocket-Launch{/flv}

RED (R)evolution.

Anyone who works in the film & TV industry can’t have helped but notice the crazed jabbering that has been going on about the RED camera over the last year or two. This epoch breaking bit of technology is impressive for several reasons: A) That it is truly innovative in it approach to capturing moving images. B) The beautiful filmic quality of the images it produces. C) The fact that it seems to be a hobbyist project for the Oakley […]

Fox-Trot ALPHA Title Sequence

Rocket Tower features a fictional television news channel charmingly entitled Fox-Trot Alpha. No prizes for guessing who I’m parodying there then. I needed some nasty high gloss titles so I’ve come up with this. Music to be assembled later… Volunteers? {flv}Rocket-FA-Titles{/flv}

Bt tower

Looking very moody today

Birthday Cards & Leaving Posters

I’ve been playing with Photoshop far too long, long enough to remember when it shipped on five 3.5″ floppy discs. When I was first leaning I used to hack together birthday cards for friends and leaving posters for work mates. Here dug up from the archives are a few of them.  

A Trip Down Memory Lane…

I found this bit of history digging around on my hard drive this evening. It has it’s place in history as being the first fake poster I ever did in Photoshop. That’ll be Photoshop 3 I should point out, which at the time came on five 3.5” floppy disks. Now, if anyone knows the whereabouts of Mr Brown, Blonde,White, Blue, Orange, pink and “Nice guy Dom” perhaps they could email them a link to this page.