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Introducing iLAPSE the iPhone 360 degree Timelapse Rig.

Introducing iLAPSE – the 360 degree iPhone timelapse rig. Easy to construct, harmless to pets, fun for all the family!


Now Available – Windows 7 Eco Green Version.

It’s all good and well that Windows has a “recycle bin” but who has to sort everything out? I spend hours each week sorting everything into separate bags so the recycling people can thrown them all over the road each Tuesday. I’m sure someone with a bit of programming knowledge could implement my suggestion as above. Oh and Apple, sort it out, this is the 21st century, get rid of your outdated “Trash Can” and get with the recycling programme […]

Experimental Photography – airPhone

Technology is for abusing, that’s my opinion anyway. Most of the great ideas in art, photography and other creative pursuits come from using an object in a way that was never conceived of by the manufacturer. Have a little courage, stop treating you telephone like a extension of you personality. It’s just a bloody phone.

How to spin round with an umbrella.

An ongoing instructional series on how to do everyday things. Illustrated in an easy to follow photographic manner.

How to put an umbrella up.

An ongoing instructional series on how to do everyday things. Illustrated in an easy to follow photographic manner.

Carrier Pigeon

Question: If  a carrier pigeon gets tired, does it swap legs?


Anyone with half an eye on YouTube and too much time on their hands can’t have helped but notice the bizarre trend for un-boxing videos. Interestingly, this appears to be some form of basic regression back to childhood and at that level I almost wish I could share in the gleeful joy… that’s until I remember that I’m not a child and that the boxes being opened only contain a piece of electronic ephemera. This rather nasty fetishisation of an […]

Reclaim your Media

Call me old fashioned but I like to know where my stuff is. I leave my car keys next to the stairs so I know where they are. I don’t leave them on the table in the pub because I don’t want people borrowing my car without asking. I feel the same about my media. If I post stuff on the Internet I want to control who sees it and know it won’t be used to line random strangers pockets.

Dating Revolutionised!

Dragon’s Dens pitch idea #324a As you are aware 50% of marriages end in divorce.* A huge market potential exists in this developing market and continues to grow daily.

Variable Friction Mouse

We’ve had velocity sensitive mice for years, the principle is simple – the faster you move your hand the faster the pointer accelerates, giving the faux virtual world of the computer a real world feel…