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Big Wheel

Or perhaps it should be called the Millenium cash cow…..30 pods approximately 10 people per pod, that’s 300 people per 45 minute ‘experience’ – price for a ride 16 quid per person. Not so strange that they didn’t pull it down as originally suggested after the millenium celebrations. It’s run by BA now, I wonder if they’ll be striking along with the pilots at Easter…

Pushing the Curve

Pushing the curve, or pushing the “S” curve to give it it’s proper name is a colourist’s term for adjusting the gamma curve of an image to crush the blacks and roll off the highlights giving the image a more “filmic” look. Film has a particular performance characteristic when exposed to light which means it is much more sympathetic to extremes of contrast than video sensors which tend to blow out the highlights when confronted with extremes of brightness.

MSN Messenger is Broken

Messenger has got so infested with parasitic spammers that it’s almost become unusable. Login and you get a million and one requests for new friends. Skype is not far behind. Frankly it’s rubbish. How about authorization via another means, email for example. For the time being I’m staying signed out. Text me if you want to get hold of me. I know who you are.

View Photos that feature the colour blue

Photo Galleryism

View Full Album Three photos featuring the colour blue. I feel I could extend this idea to include other primary colours. Then move on to the secondary and tertiary colours…

Map picture

Like a child with a new toy…

Oh look, I can put an isometric view of my flat in here. What ever next? And the above is an embedded video form my YouTube account… I’m sure this is hardly revolutionary if you’ve done some blogging in the last five minutes, but the last time I had a go you had to hack the “embed” code into the HTML. This was great fun when attempting it on a Chinese computer with all the dialogue in foreign speak. What […]

Here’s a picture representing my feelings

Setting up Joomla and Windows Live Writer

Free yourself from the irritation of having to type articles in Joomla’s back end administration: Download the API plugin to enable you to connect and install in Joomla: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/news-production/blog/3831 Install and enable it in Joomla admin. Make sure use web services in global settings is enabled. Fire up live writer, walk through the usual login stuff entering: http://yourwebsite.com Here’s the difficult-to-remember-bit: Select Movable Type API as the blog type. for the domain add: http://yourdomain.com/xmlrpc/index.php All done! More details are here: […]

Brighton Rocks

We went to Brighton last summer. The first shock was that it was available in colour. The second was that it rocked.

40 Things

I was 40 and so were lots of other things too…

Dating Revolutionised!

Dragon’s Dens pitch idea #324a As you are aware 50% of marriages end in divorce.* A huge market potential exists in this developing market and continues to grow daily.