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Fashion Phone Covers

For a brief period a few years back Nokia must have believed they had hit on the best thing since SMS. Namely the concept of the phone with changeable covers – or as I like to imagine it –  clothes for phones.

Would You Like an Opinion with That?

Back in the old days when we use to shoot photos on that archaic media called film you had to get it developed before you could see what a mess you’d made of your composition.

Beneath the Tide

There’s something weird going on down when the tide goes out… something luminescent and alive. There’s a whole crawling, creeping ecosytem just below your feet at the river bank and it’s climbing steadily upwards…Look out..

Low Tech

Ancient technology – Jim’ll fix it for you.

Browser Ballot

Those of you not following the IT press may have missed that Microsoft and the EU have been scrapping for months about the supposed monopolistic practice of bundling Internet Explorer free with every copy of Windows. The argument “If you give it away for free you have a monopoly” doesn’t really make any sense to me – especially when you look at it in the light of the open source market – Presumably by this logic if Ubuntu becomes incredibly […]

Corporate Death Penalty

In some respects it’s shame that the death penalty has been taken off the statute books in the United Kingdom. Perhaps the law could be changed to allow us to finish off the global corporations that currently threaten our society.

Marketing Campaign

[blockquote]I’ve been on a brazen marketing campaign to promote brand awareness sticking my logo anywhere I can…[/blockquote] This involved variously a flight to New York, hanging out with Angelina Jollie,  a visit to a Lego factory, some guerilla poster placement on the London Underground and a trip into the future to meet the Transformers…


I was just about to steal this book….then I looked inside the front cover..

Employment Policy

Political Hope?