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Types of Photography

Do you take photos of weird stuff? What does it all mean? Maybe there’s some hidden meaning to the┬ácontents of your photographs…

Using Windows? Then piss off..

I was looking for some information about Final Cut Pro today and I encountered the above…

Variable Friction Mouse

We’ve had velocity sensitive mice for years, the principle is simple – the faster you move your hand the faster the pointer accelerates, giving the faux virtual world of the computer a real world feel…

Media Fabrication

I still fabricate DVD’s occasionally. I know that’s very Web 0.5, but they do have their uses. You can give them to you Mum for a start in the knowledge that she has a DVD player already. Additionally, you can have animated menus and other fun stuff. Oh yeah, and you don’t have to compress your pictures into dust to get them to fit down a telephone line that was originally designed as a low quality speech medium. I discovered […]

Festival Fun

I’ve been to an awful lot of music festivals over the years. In 2008 I went to 19 in one year, that’s about 15 too many in my books. Still, it seemed like a good idea at the time. If you want to see pictures and video you need to register. It’s easy, there’s a little box over to the right there…

Frame Academy

As a society we’ve become obsessed with fame. People no longer want to be known for doing something useful – they just want to be known for doing anything. Witness the moronic parade of wanna-be anythings on every pointless talent show sticking fireworks up their arses and congratulating themselves when they end up in A&E with second degree burns…

Snow in Ealing 2009

It’s been snowing in Ealing, We built a snowman and took some pictures..

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