Monthly Archives: March 2010

The 3×3 Project – Boating in Hyde Park

For your enjoyment, some footage of Hyde Park, London, shot in September 2009.  

The Journey to Work Project

A test for “The Jorney to Work” project. Video your daily commute and get involved..

Fire! – What to do when it’s Raining Outside.

It was raining outside…

Brighton Rocks – Video

We went to Brighton and the sun shone….

Build you own Server – Hardware

WARNING: building your own web server requires a bit of effort. The rewards however are large. If the word “server” puts you into a blind panic you should perhaps skip this article. The more adventurous should read on…

Venice 2009 – Biennale

Welcome to the Venice Biennale – the greatest and largest contemporary art show in the world. Here for your entertainment and delectation are some selected photographs.

London by Night

London by Night

It’s quite pretty London during the night time. I took some photos recently testing out the HDR possibilities of Photoshop and my camera.

Reclaim your Media

Call me old fashioned but I like to know where my stuff is. I leave my car keys next to the stairs so I know where they are. I don’t leave them on the table in the pub because I don’t want people borrowing my car without asking. I feel the same about my media. If I post stuff on the Internet I want to control who sees it and know it won’t be used to line random strangers pockets.

Time for Reform?

These kids died because they wanted to take drugs and most drugs are illegal. No doubt as a consequence of this illegality they bought mephedrone – legally sold as a plant food online – and it killed them. Their reasons for choosing a legal drug over an illegal one are open to debate – perhaps they didn’t want to break the law, perhaps they had no access to illegal drugs. Either way it brings into question the whole legislation. The […]

Paradigm Shift

There’s hope for us yet… Moron television for moron people made by morons featuring morons has been defeated in the popularity contest.