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Timelapse – Al Fresco Dining (With After Dinner Rave)

Here’s a bit of Timelapse Tom-foolery I shot whilst visiting my friend Pat in Betou, France. The weird interpolated light trail effects you see at the end are a product of using the Fluid Motion timewarp effect in Avid on footage it has absolutely no chance of being able to understand. I rather like it. Kit: Panasonic GH1, Interval Timer.Post: Avid/After Effects.


Intersections is my award winning short created for the Flood Light film festival – part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s InTRANSIT arts festival.

Music Video – “Darcy Willow” by Greenfinger

Here’s a music video I knocked up for my friend Greenfinger aka SW1 aka Simon Wright. The track “Darcy Willow” is taken from the album “The Catchpool Kitchen Sessions” apparently made in Simon’s kitchen. Presumably he’s not that into cooking.

Lido – Ruislip

Footage of the Ruslip Lido shot by myself and Sanjay Music by Greenfinger.

Train Trippy – Greenfinger REMIX

Maybe I should just a whole album of video “Great Train Trips” I could call it “Great Train Trippy’s of the World” or something.. Here’s the evolution of the previous idea. Covering the join between the two flipped over videos to see if we can “sell” the idea a bit more. It sort of works even in this very crude state I think. For those that missed it the original “Train Trippy” is here. The more prosaic “TrainTrip at Brookside […]

Train TRIPPY (Remixed)

Take a trip into your MIND! (on a miniature railway) If that’s not surreal I don’t know what is. When I was editing the slightly more normal split screen Train Trip video I ran out of material at one point and experimentally tried mirroring the footage. The effect was very appealing, but far too odd for what I was trying to achieve at the time.

Brookside Miniature Railway – Train Trip

I was looking at my web statistics the other day and noticed I’m picking up a lot of hits for the Brookside Miniature Railway. Some time ago I built and hosted a site for the railway and I seem to keep picking up some lost visitors. I decided that it seemed a little unfair that you should drop by my site without a little reward so I’ve shot and edited a little video and posted a few photos.

UK Election 2010 Timelapse.

Life is short and we all need to get some sleep… With this premise in mind I did a timelapse of the UK general election results so you can digest it all in a neat two and a half minute chunk.

Easter Eggs Must Die

Easter is almost over and it’s time to kill those pesky eggs off, otherwise they just sit around looking at you and making you nervous. I never trusted that one eyed fella anyway, I’m sure he was up to something..  

Egypt 2009 – The World’s Most Complicated Holiday Video

I started off with the intention of hacking some footage of my holiday together.