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Small Worlds #4 – Walk•Run•Cycle

Happy Birthday Pink ‘n’ White…

I’d never heard of Pink ‘n’ Whites until about a year ago when someone offered me one. I took a bite… it tasted of exactly nothing. Curious.. Nothing. Very Strange. I put it to one side and there it has remained.. a curious experiment to see if it will ever actually break down in any way.  So far.. nothing. It looks exactly the same as it did 12 months ago. I occasionally have a recurrent nightmare about it. I’m at […]

Small Worlds #2 – Beside the Seaside

Welcome to “Small Worlds” – bite sized chunks of life spinning through time and space.  More “Small Worlds” are evolving all the time, check back soon and visit them all.

Small Worlds #1 – Walking the Dog

Welcome to “Small Worlds” – bite sized chunks of life spinning through time and space. More small worlds are evolving, check back soon and visit them all…

Journey to Work – West Hampstead to Newman Street

Sunday BBQ in London

A Washing Trip

I read on a random blog that washing powder can make you hallucinate. This seemed pretty unlikely to me given that it is basically soap, but as I read it on the Internet it must be true. Starting with this premise I ended up with this rather strange little video. Make of it what you will.

Intersections Barcode Mashup

Everybody is talking about movie barcodes… Are they? Well, they are in my world.

Fancy A Timelapse?

Secret Garden Party 2011 in 3D

I’ve been playing around with a FujiFilm Finepix W3 3D camera. Here’s some sample footage shot recently at the Secret Garden Party. You’ll need to dig out your red/cyan glasses. There’s also a side by side version for those of you with fancy 3D TVs available here and a YouTube version here.