Timelapse – Al Fresco Dining (With After Dinner Rave)

Here’s a bit of Timelapse Tom-foolery I shot whilst visiting my friend Pat in Betou, France.

The weird interpolated light trail effects you see at the end are a product of using the Fluid Motion timewarp effect in Avid on footage it has absolutely no chance of being able to understand. I rather like it.

Kit: Panasonic GH1, Interval Timer.
Post: Avid/After Effects.


Here’s a different experiment with the footage – I call this Timescreen/Splitlapse:

This is the same footage repeated 10 times and offset by 5 frames per slice. This “timesliced” video is not new (The Honda ad springs to mind) but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use it with timelapse video like this.  It’s an interesting effect simply because there is no correlation between frames as there would be if the footage was proper video.

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