Music Video – “Darcy Willow” by Greenfinger

darcy-header-webHere’s a music video I knocked up for my friend Greenfinger aka SW1 aka Simon Wright. The track “Darcy Willow” is taken from the album “The Catchpool Kitchen Sessions” apparently made in Simon’s kitchen. Presumably he’s not that into cooking.

The more prosaic title for the piece is “The 12:15 from Ealing Broadway to Paddington” but I didn’t think it’s quite as catchy.

I’m quite pleased with the results of this little project so far. The next step I think is to try and sync the objects passing by with the music, but I’m going to have to shoot a lot more footage to find material that this will work with.

Right, where’s the timetable?

For those of you who need a little encouragement to struggle through a whole 4 minute 30 second video (I know the limited attention span of the YouTube generation) here are some stills to wet your appetite, or more specifically allow you to skip past and pretend you saw it.

Master-(0-01-35-24) Master-(0-01-46-09) Master-(0-03-49-17) Master-(0-03-53-19)

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