Category : Films

Venice 2009 – Timelapse

A quick attempt at some timelapse with the Panasonic GH1.

Big Brother and Me.

We’re all here in the Big Brother house watching the TV… cue the dodgy geordie voice-over…

Summer Birthday Party for Amy and Jez

We had a party to celebrate Amy’s birthday and Jez’s return to the UK. I waved a camera about and then edited the pictures to some music.

The 3×3 Project – The Secret Garden Party

  Footage of The Secret Garden Party 2009, edited in a way to emulate the feeling of actually being there.

City Slickers

Family Waterhouse came to visit us in London – as usual I ran around pointing a camera at them and then put it to some music…

Snow in Ealing – Timelapse

  It’s been snowing here in London. We don’t get snow very often so it is still a bit of a novelty for us.

Rocket Tower – Teaser Trailer

I’m working on a short mocu-news-story (whatever that may mean) at the moment called “Rocket Tower.”

The 3×3 Project – Boating in Hyde Park

For your enjoyment, some footage of Hyde Park, London, shot in September 2009.  

The Journey to Work Project

A test for “The Jorney to Work” project. Video your daily commute and get involved..

Fire! – What to do when it’s Raining Outside.

It was raining outside…