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Relative sensor sizes for video cameras.

Here’s a quick chart to illustrate the different sensor sizes for some popular DSLR’s and video cameras. Points of interest: GH1 and 7D are sort of near to what you would get to 35mm film in (movie) film camera. Canon 5D Mk II is the same as a 35mm stills camera – therefore very shallow depth of field (but also a little bit uncontrollable for video without care!) EX1 is tiny – but then you should remember there are three […]

YouFool – Why YouTube is not worth the effort for real film makers.

In theory YouTube would seem to offer everything for the avid indie film producer. Here are some statistics as way of an example: 2 billion page views a day The average person spends 15 minutes on YouTube a day 70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the US Hundreds of millions of videos are watched on mobile devices each month 24 hours of video uploaded every minute  

iPhone 4 HD Video – Rolling Shutter (Jello) Test

I was having a brief rant in a previous post about the new iPhone 4’s supposed HD video capabilities. Now there’s a few in the wild I managed to procure one long enough to wave it about at some vertical building to see how severe the rolling shutter artefacts are. It comes as no surprise to discover that it’s not that great – actually it’s fairly dire – have a look at this frame grab of a van going past […]

Lido – Ruislip

Footage of the Ruslip Lido shot by myself and Sanjay Music by Greenfinger.


Introducing my new assistant. I call him agent orange. As his name would suggest he is excellent at clearing the garden.. and pretty much anything else green that gets in the way. I’m currently pimping him out to twisted individuals with psychological problems associated with sticky sweets,  but I’m sure we can find him other work.

Top Tips for Clients When Sending Facilities Companies a Drive.

So here’s a top tip when sending your precious media to a facilities house for post production services. Format your drive first. Or at least go to the trouble of deleting the massive collection of hardcore porn, hacked software, ripped off music and videos and your bank statements, complete with a word document with the appropriate passwords. Yes, and just in case you were wondering that last bit is true. To be honest I’d have transferred some money out of […]

World Cup 2010 and BT ADSL Contention in Central London

OK, we’re in the worse case scenario here, an ENGLAND match in the most important game of the competition. Above is the company broadband speed test on a line with nothing else going on. Just to clarify this point, this is a DSL line not doing anything. So, what does this mean? Well, fundamentally BT (and by proxy it’s clients – that is pretty much any ISP)  are unable to actually supply anything like the data rate they propose if […]

Watching Football in Engineering.

Apple’s Terms and Conditions… Almost Reaches A Century!

 Regular followers of this blog may remember my ranting about the ridiculousness of the Apple Terms and Conditions, more specifically that it ran to 90 pages of text that you were supposed to read and agree to. Well, surprise, surprise, with the release of iPhone 4 OS the T&Cs have been amended again and now running to a stonking 99 pages. I have to admit to being a little disappointed that Apple didn’t managed to hit the magic 100 mark. […]


This is what it was like last time I went to Glasto. I’m hoping it’s better for everyone this year… It actually got much worse the year this was taken – so bad in fact a man was sighted paddling around in a canoe. I was impressed, if somewhat baffled about that level of organisation – You have to consider the thought process when packing: “Tent, check. Sleeping bag, check. Wellies, check, Toilet Roll… Check..Now what else, oh yeah, mustn’t […]