Top Tips for Clients When Sending Facilities Companies a Drive.

windows_pirateSo here’s a top tip when sending your precious media to a facilities house for post production services. Format your drive first. Or at least go to the trouble of deleting the massive collection of hardcore porn, hacked software, ripped off music and videos and your bank statements, complete with a word document with the appropriate passwords.

Yes, and just in case you were wondering that last bit is true. To be honest I’d have transferred some money out of the stupid bastard’s account, but hey, this person works in TV and film so there was no profit to be made there.

Anyway, there is a serious point to be made here. Firstly don’t mix up your work and business life. Ever. Especially if you like weird sexual practices. I like cactus, don’t get me wrong, just not where you like to keep them. Mine sit on the kitchen window sill and that seems to be the best place for them. If you cannot afford to buy a new hard drive for the media for your next project then in my books you haven’t got anything that resembles a working business. You’ve also probably got a sore arse, but that’s probably a pain for you rather than me. 

Go home, rethink your plans, consider life as a cactus distributor or something else that uses your hands. At the very least, please stop sending me details of all your life’s mistakes. I’m insecure enough as it is without having to deal with all your problems as well.

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