Apple’s Terms and Conditions… Almost Reaches A Century!

 IMG_0867Regular followers of this blog may remember my ranting about the ridiculousness of the Apple Terms and Conditions, more specifically that it ran to 90 pages of text that you were supposed to read and agree to. Well, surprise, surprise, with the release of iPhone 4 OS the T&Cs have been amended again and now running to a stonking 99 pages.

I have to admit to being a little disappointed that Apple didn’t managed to hit the magic 100 mark. I mean surely they could have padded it out for an extra page, something about Apple not being responsible if get run over whilst crossing the road and fiddling with your iPhone for example – something I’ve seen happen twice this week I might add. Never mind, hopefully soon there will be an app for that  before someone actually dies.

(Cue screeching of tyres)

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