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Varkala Clifftops

I’m warming to it here – no doubt due to sunburn incurred whilst sat under an umbrella whilst having breakfast. Factor 20 or not I’ve still ended up looking like a beetroot. Never mind, I’m sure it’ll fade to a golden tan by morning.. or something. Above is a picture of the clifftops. Pretty isn’t it? The slightly un-nerving thing is the fact that the cliffs are in a process of constant erosion and the path is perilously close to […]

Quest for the Club Sandwich

There’s a standing joke about the quest for the perfect club sandwich. It’s the holy grail of travelling if you will. Why? I’ve no idea. Perhaps it’s because it seems to be difficult to get “just right” – especially in a foreign country. We spent an inordinately large amount of time and effort on this whilst in Thailand. This usually involved Pat trying to explain that he wanted the “bacon crispy.” The net result was usually a rather nasty sandwich. […]


El Capitan

Keeping cool in the mid-day sun on the Kerala backwaters

Meditating on the beach


Random Sunset

There seems to be a lot of these round here. One a day on average.

Varkala – tourist central?

We’ve hit Varkala, a clifftop resort on the west coast of India and as far south as we intend to travel. It’s hot here, damn hot and no sea breeze despite being half way up a cliff. That’ll be global warming for you I suppose. The place appears to be full of tourists on package holidays so it’s a bit of culture shock and I suspect we’re suffering a bit of backpackers snobbery. Ooh check you, been away for three […]

Keralan backwaters, middle of knowhere

I’m writing this lying on my back on the deck of a rice barge in the Kerelan backwaters – 500km of winding waterways in the South of India. The banks of the river are fringed with coconut palms, around which dozens of fireflies perform a dazzling light show against the backdrop of stars above and beyond. The crew of three includes an expert chef who prepared a traditional Keralan fish curry whilst I watched the most breathtaking sunset I have […]

Notes from India – Buses

When I talk about buses I mean proper buses, not those pseudo train replacement services – coaches, which profess to do all those things trains do and singularly fail to achieve any of them. Think about it. A coach is supposed to speed you directly to you destination without all the constraints of railway tracks. The reality is they follow exactly the same routes, because the people who went to all the time and effort of building a railway line […]