Keralan backwaters, middle of knowhere

I’m writing this lying on my back on the deck of a rice barge in the Kerelan backwaters – 500km of winding waterways in the South of India.

The banks of the river are fringed with coconut palms, around which dozens of fireflies perform a dazzling light show against the backdrop of stars above and beyond.

The crew of three includes an expert chef who prepared a traditional Keralan fish curry whilst I watched the most breathtaking sunset I have seen in some years.

It’s breathtaking peaceful here.

During the day the banks of the river roll by and you watch the tapestry of life going on before you. The locals go about their everyday business, washing, fishing, cooking, whilst the children splash and play in the waters filled with colourful water hyacinth.

Jealous? I would be.

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