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A Quick Plug for Interzone Films

So are you looking for a young talented Editor? Do yourself a favour and pop on over to see my friend Michael Gibson at interzonefilms.com there’s a selection of his previous work available here End of public service message..

MSN Messenger, Spam and Undies.

MSN Messenger loves to send me spam. Every time I log into the thing I get endless messages from people wanting to be my friend. I think however they all have the same agenda (and script by the look of it)

Search Engine Optimisation – Does Anyone Understand?!

Here’s my little snapshot in time of the search term “rickster” on the major search engines. I apologise the self aggrandisement, but I feel I should point out this not actually that clever as the term “rickster” is fairly nebulous and therefore doesn’t fall into any other categories. If I was top of the list for something more concrete like, errr, concrete for example it would be more impressive. What I have noticed however is the really rather odd results […]

Advertorial: PR Material Masquerading as News – BBC

Anybody notice that half the articles in the paper these days are thinly veiled advertorial for a product or service? Here’s one from the BBC website: The Pac-Man game Google put on its home page gobbled up almost five million hours of work time, suggests a study. The playable version of the classic video game was put on Google’s front page on 21 May to celebrate 30 years since the launch of Pac-Man in Japan. The search giant reworked the […]

Google Adwords – Curious Results and the top 10 new suggestions.

So here is my most successful ad campaign so far, with a staggering twelve click though conversions – for those not in the know about the inner workings of Google adwords – and I count that as pretty much everyone with any life to lead whatsoever – a “click though” conversion is when someone actually clicks on the ad and visits your site. So, from this we can conclude that the phrase “No Adverts Here!” is the best advert (this […]

Adverts masquerading as news items #126

Adverts masquarading as news. Hmmm, there’s a lot of this about these days. Read Flat Earth News for more information on the topic of the errorsion of proper reporting and the infiltration of press releases into the popular news. Depressing if interesting reading.

The Top Ten Facts about Apple’s New Terms and Conditions

So I presume all my iPhone owning friends out there must have encountered the new terms and conditions for the iTunes store recently. I suspect you just pressed “Agree” and soldiered bravely on in the face of ignorance. Perhaps you didn’t notice what it said right at the bottom: Page 1 of 90 ‘ let’s just say that again: 1 of 90 – that’s NINETY pages of legalise to sift through (or I suspect not)

View from a Train

I love watching the world flash by from a train window, it’s one of my favourite things in the world. There’s something hypnotic and deeply therapeutic about the clickety-clack of the train trundling down the track and the flashes of light as the sun sets. These small vignettes of time were captured with Quadcamera on the train from Paddington.  

Experimental Photography – airPhone

Technology is for abusing, that’s my opinion anyway. Most of the great ideas in art, photography and other creative pursuits come from using an object in a way that was never conceived of by the manufacturer. Have a little courage, stop treating you telephone like a extension of you personality. It’s just a bloody phone.

Are you Evil? How many Google services do you use?