Google Adwords – Curious Results and the top 10 new suggestions.


So here is my most successful ad campaign so far, with a staggering twelve click though conversions – for those not in the know about the inner workings of Google adwords – and I count that as pretty much everyone with any life to lead whatsoever – a “click though” conversion is when someone actually clicks on the ad and visits your site.

So, from this we can conclude that the phrase “No Adverts Here!” is the best advert (this is getting tautological, I agree) to get people to click on said advert.

I think this is called anti-advertising. Perhaps I can develop this idea, here’s my top ten:

  1. Please don’t visit this site, I want to be left alone.
  3. Click here and puppies will DIE.
  4. Advertising is for morons.
  5. This is not an advert, it’s an art project.
  6. This space to let.
  7. Click here, it costs me money.
  8. Click here for click art.
  9. Rosebud.
  10. Free Cheese!

Suggestions on a virtual postcard to the usual address please…

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