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Carrier Pigeon

Question: If  a carrier pigeon gets tired, does it swap legs?

Temper Tantrum

Marvellous, I can now log my periodic temper tantrums. Windows Server 2008 has a reliability utility, so no doubt I’ll be able to use this to graph the reliability of the IT manager (me) over time and my relative stress levels too.

(Un) Acceptable Broadband Speeds?

  I’m having broadband speed issues here at work and have been going through the usual rigmarole of testing with BT and my ISP. I happened to notice this acceptable rates listed for the various advertised line speeds by BT: BT minimum acceptable speeds for broadband service: 100kps or more – acceptable on 512kbps products 200kbs or more – acceptable on 1Mb products 400kbs or more – acceptable on 2Mb, 4Mb & 8Mb products Let’s just study that for a […]

The Art of Perfection by BT

I am trying to trace a phone line here at work and stumbled upon this diagram, whilst checking out the wiring. The bit on the right was the part that caught my eye, particularly “The quality of wiring carried out by many older BT wiremen is often approaching art in its perfection” Here’s our krone for the phones – all installed by BT I should point out: High art as you can see. Perhaps he was having an off day..

Too Many Small Words

Perhaps we all spend too much time staring at the small worlds on the screen..

Styles of Cookery

What’s your style of cookery? Do you systematically destroy the kitchen whilst preparing a meal and then have to have it completely refurbished afterwards? Or do you obsessively wash and tidy up as you go along?

Cup of Tea?


Conceptual Art Product

So did anyone watch the programme on the telebox recently following the art students at Goldsmiths? I didn’t think so. Anyway, it was a great insight in to how wide of the mark even the supposed “cream of the crop” artists can be.

I(T) Consultancy

  by G*

Orange Road Lines

Can I Park Here?

  So what the hell does that mean? Is this a money making venture to catch people out?  Or did the person who mixed the paint have a hangover? Answers in the comments section please!