Winchelsea to Hastings (Nine out of Ten)

It’s a sunny day so a walking we shall go.. This one was rated 9/10 – the hardest on the book. My thighs are aching today. It wasn’t too big a deal but all the hard work is at the end of the day rather than the start so I’d advise against a three pint lunch 🙂

The full selection of photos are now here.

Time Out Country Walk number 25:



Here’s an interactive route map widget.

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  1. Great walk…. sorry we couldn’t have met-up briefly at (I guess?) The Crown. I’ve done the coastal section a few times and a several paths out near Doleham Station. Often treck the circle from Winchelsea Beach to Rye Harbour & back…. along where there’s a superb sense of space and open sky (like in Montana)…. and suggested in your shot of the dyke.

    I’ve dipped into your site now and then when I think of it for a year or so. No-one else I’ve known or know has bothered to create such art (nor anything much else so far as I’m aware). Brilliant creative refreshingly brain-zapping stuff. I nicked your link some while back to that Bukowski vimeo ‘The Man with Beautiful Eyes’. Cheers Rick

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