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Business Card Research


Go Camping for only

  Experimental posting of Photos…. Please move along, nothing to see here… Art Car Boot VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

Found My Marbles

A bit of Sunday night photo manipulation using various iPad apps.. and far too many filters. Never mind, the results are quite pleasing I think.

Bad Estate Agent Photoshop

An alarmingly regular series documenting obvious image doctoring in  Estate Agents literature. First off, what type of grass is that exactly? Where can I get some of that? I mean, it’s just so damn GREEN. Did they first grows it at Chernobyl or something? Here’s the bit at the back enlarged. What’s happening there? Is reality melting or has someone tried to hastily clone out something in the background that they don’t want us to see? Liberated from here if […]

Tonight Karaoke Watercolour

Auto painting is fun, if not very satisfying. Still, it’s good if you haven’t got much talent.

Bananas made of Lemons

Strange combination of fruit and veg…

Weird Windows File Dialogue.

Madeira Found Footage

We went to Madeira, the sun shone (most of the time) and we went walking in the mountains. Here are some random photos from my iPhone. Enjoy.

Valencia Found Footage

We went to the Valencia Fallas to watch the e’Spain’s try to blow themselves up. Here’s a collection of photos from my iPhone. Enjoy.

London Pleasure Gardens Launch

Welcome to London’s greatest new attraction! The Pleasure Gardens! Ahem, It looks suspiciously like a piece of abandoned wasteland to me that someone has erected a few tents on…