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Holloway Prison Review from Google Maps.

Comfortable beds, great food, and the chance to chill out with like-minded people. Shame I only booked my stay for 2 years. Next time I’m going to try to arrange for a longer visit. Any advice or tips on how to get there as quickly and for as long as possible is appreciated. On a side note – there is free $ex in the bathrooms. All u have to do is drop the soap 🙂 Link here

Should You Eat that Bacon?

WideTime Experiments.

Something I’m looking at as a video idea. It’s even weirder when it moves..

BT Tower

Shot on a GH2 45mm f1.8 Olympus Prime. I rather like this for some reason.

Sir.. I have a PLAN (take 2)

Re-imagined by Pasquale…

Railings for Bikes.

No no no no no… You cannot “park” here..

Sir…I have a PLAN!


We have detected that your video is shaky and has bad lighting

..would you like us to fix that for you? Well that’s very kind YouTube, but perhaps I rather want it like that? This reminds me of the sticky labels you got attached to your prints when they came back from being developed at the chemist. Basically they were a critique of your photography skills. Fast forward 20 years and YouTube is doing the same with videos.

Daytime Fireworks (La MascletĂ ) at Las Fallas in Valencia 2012

Valencia is famous for its fireworks. The Valencians love their fireworks so much that they don’t just have them at night like we do, they want them during the day too. This presents a rather obvious problem in so much as you cannot see fireworks when the sun is up. The solution is simple – during the day they have extremely noisy fireworks instead. Brilliant.  From my understanding in the five minutes or so La MascletĂ  lasts they burn their […]

Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

I’ve been reading a book about David Cronenberg. It may be affecting my work….