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The Barbican


Primrose Hill – Photosynth

You can see the panorama in action here.

Strategy for ensuring the seat next to you remains empty whilst travelling by train.

Travelling by train is nice. Having a fat sweaty person next to you is not however. Here’s my strategy for dealing with the problem: Arrive at the station early to ensure you get a descent seat. place a coat or other “prop” on the adjacent seat. Download the above image and open it up on your laptop, ensuring it is clearly visible to anyone passing. If anyone asks you “is this seat free?” follow the script as above. Enjoy.

“Lifecycle of a Biscuit”

Six months later and our friend the synthetic “space” biscuit is starting to show some minor changes… I think they may be due to the effects of gravity however. Notice how the “cream” is heading south? Perhaps another six months will clarify my observations. My plan to build a nuclear bunker (or such like) from  these has been slightly scuppered by a lack of supply – or more specifically Adam being unable to locate said item in the shop he […]