Sometimes you find something that makes you want to jump up and down and applaud. This is such a thing.

The description of how he did it makes it even more mind boggling from a technical perspective:

[blockquote]An experimental film in tribute to Ridley Scott’s legendary film “Blade Runner” (1982)

This film was made as a unique picture with a resolution of 60.000 x 60.000 pixels (3.6 gigapixels)

It was made with 167,819 frames from ‘Blade Runner’.

1>first step : the “picture” of the film

I extracted the 167,819 frames from ‘Blade Runner’ (final cut version,1h51mn52s19i)

then I assembled all these images to obtain one gigantic image of colossal dimensions : a square of approximately 60,000 pixels on one side alone, 3.5 gigapixels (3500 million pixels)

2> second step : an illusion

I placed a virtual camera above this big picture. So what you see is like an illusion, because contrary to appearances there is only one image. It is in fact the relative movement of the virtual camera flying over this massive image which creates the animated film, like a film in front of a projector.[/blockquote]

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