Fort Cochin Kerala

Greetings from sunny Kerala.

We've finally made it to the sea after a somewhat traurmatic 9 hour overnight bus journey. The coach was supposed to be a sleeper, although you'd have more luck trying to sleep on a rollercoaster. The road over the mountains was so tortuous that you had to hang on to the seat rests to stop youself flying out.

Surrounded by what appeared to be contently sleeping locals I sparked up a conversation with the only other person who appeared to be awake. He turned out to be an ASP.NET programmer – hardcore geek stuff if ever there was.

I asked him about the fact that everyone else seemed to manage to sleep. "fakers" he casually replied.

Looking at bit closer I noticed that he seemed to be correct. They were all trying to sleep, but generally failing miserably.

Cochin (Kochi) is a peninsular made up of several islands and the people seem to be almost terminally friendly. They've got a dizzying selection of fantastic seafood and I ate the best fish curry I've ever tasted yesterday.

The best fish curry apart from the flies of course, which arrive a few seconds after your food.

You rapidly develop a technique of "shovel food with one hand, swat flies away with the other"

I think today we'll be looking for a restaurant that is higher in altitude with a bit of a breeze to disrupt their flight pattern.

Well, it's never perfect is it?

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