Wasting Google’s Time Part 2


So avid readers of this blog (I know there are at least two of you) will remember my amusement at Google’s lack of enthusiasm for the phrase “Bury those nasty corporations” in its ad words programme. The time for this to be processed has got me thinking about the approval process. Presumably if the automated system flags an advert as being “questionable” that is the machine cannot decide itself, it has to be inspected by a real human being.

Right, in the great tradition of “Time Wasting Letters” I throw this open to the masses. What other questionable phrases can I use that will invite “pending….” submissions.

I’ve already discovered another “key” word – namely “aroused” You can see where I’m going with this I hope.

Suggestions to the usual address or in the comments box please. Let’s see if we can actually get something “unapproved” shall we?

You favourite trouble causer.

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