Mysore – day 2

What did we do today? God knows. Oh yes, that's right, we went to a market and met a young lad who chatted away to us like they do and then went on about Glastonbury. Then he mentioned his incense and scent shop, what a surprise. Anyway we duly got sprayed with numerous revolting smelling scents – think old Grannie's minus the less than savoury aspects. Pat purchased some incense sticks – sandal wood and we pottered off.
A few minutes later another young fella started chatting to us. "Where are you from?"  "What's your name?" and then "Have you ever been to Glastonbury festival?"
"Hang on" I'm thinking "that's a strange coincidence"
A few minutes later exactly the same patter.
It would seem our friends have discovered a new hook to attract our attention.. 
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