Shit Happens.

I'm sure you'll want to know about the filth. Well, maybe not, so if that's the case I'd skip this bit and wait for the next rose coloured spectacle account of India.

It is basically filthy here. Howard Hughes would not have been a happy bunny. This is the third world after all. There doesn't seem to be any particular local consensus about which areas should be used as a lavatory so everyone pisses and shits where they like.

It's not unusual to be sauntering along, minding you own business to suddenly encounter a bloke squatting down on his haunches taking a dump. This in itself is somewhat of an eye opener (no pun intended) I mean, when was the last time you watched a full grown man in all his glory having a crap? Children maybe, but an adult?! We have toilets with doors. Even adults in full blown sexual relationships happy to swap most bodily fluids tend to shut the door on their loved one when "doing toilet"

The sewage system as you can imagine is not advanced. It consists of an open channel running down the side of the road. Those caught short are not adverse to "whipping it out" in a crowded street and going about there business.

You get over the initial surprise after a while, but you do get fastidious about washing your hands.

Contributing to the human activity you have a full plethora of farmyard animals. To date I've see cows, bulls, water buffalo, goats, monkeys, chickens and hogs roaming the streets, all contributing to the general detritus.

This is not a town in which to wear flip-flops.

It's also very important to carry a torch after dark….

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