Varanasi – the city of life.

They bring their dead here, bath them in the Ganges before building funeral pyres at the burning ghats to cremate them.

The wood is weighed prior to the cremation to calculate the cost of the ceremony. Different types of wood cost different amounts, sandal wood being the most expensive.

You feel like you have travelled back in time, perhaps this is what medieval times would have been like.

A million souls arrive here, ready to depart this world for whatever lies beyond.

You walk along the banks of the river the stars and the moon partially obscured by the fires from a dozen burning funeral pyres and contemplate the meaning of life.

The circus of life and death.

That's as poetic as I can get.

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  1. ahhh don’t fall asleep and find yourself a clown in the circus of life performing on the ring of fire with no desire ….

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