Pink ‘n’ White’s 5th Birthday.


Here’s the original birthday celebrations:

…and the original description:

I’d never heard of Pink ‘n’ Whites until about a year ago when someone offered me one. I took a bite… it tasted of exactly nothing. Curious.. Nothing. Very Strange. I put it to one side and there it has remained.. a curious experiment to see if it will ever actually break down in any way. So far.. nothing. It looks exactly the same as it did 12 months ago. I occasionally have a recurrent nightmare about it. I’m at my own funeral and I am being cremated. I find myself floating above the mourners and then I drift into the crematorium. I watch a man rake through my ashes, the occasional bit of bone, the odd tooth, a bit of molten metal filling… Then he rakes something triangular.. The ash falls away to reveal.. A bite sized chunk of a Pink ‘n’ White – the missing piece from the whole, untouched, fresh as the day I took that fateful mouthful…

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