Technical and other random stuff

For those who have asked i'm using a combination of blogger, random internet cafes and my smart phone to create this blog. Using blogger in an internet café with the co-operation of a generally confused internet wallah allows me to upload images from my camera.

If you are doing anything in an internet café here that isn't "typing an email" you generally get an audience. In fact doing anything at all in India creates an audience. When taking a photo it is not uncommon to turn round to discover about ten smiling faces peering at the screen on your camera.

Pat and I have developed the "covert" photography method. This invoves standing facing each other pretending to have a conversation then whipping out the camera and hastily taking a photo over the other person's shoulder, before stuffing the camera back in your pocket and hoping nobody has noticed.

We've had requests for maps. I have one answer to that. google it! We're stuck here in the third world having to deal with power cuts, foreign keyboards, keyboards with enter keys that don't work every other press, versions of internet explorer that haven't seen the light of day since the days of Windows 3.1, versions of java script designed specifically to not work when Pat goes near the PC and computers that are so caked in shite they look more like giant hairy glowing monsters than PC's at all. It's easier from your end, honestly.

But in all seriousness I'll see what I can do.

Keep the comments coming, I started doing this purely for the selfish reason so that I wanted a record of what we've been up to that can't be lost, stolen, soaked in water or sold on the black market. The fact that it's even vaguely entertaining to anyone else makes it even better.

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