Notes from the India – sleep

Sleeping in India, or rather preparing for sleep is a ritual in itself. There are many things to be done.

The blankets on the bed (I currently have three, swiped over a period of days from the laundry cupboard) have to be arranged in the correct order to keep you nice and cosy throughout the night.

You have to make sure you have some bottled water to hand, because you don't want to have to go roaming around in the night especially as there are frequent power cuts.

It's important to make sure your ear plugs are to hand otherwise, if you can sleep at all, you risk being rudely awoken by mooing cows, singing locals, buzzing air-con units, barking dogs, local tradesmen who seem to work from 6am until late into the night, snoring backpackers, drunken backpackers, shagging backpackers, gurgling pipes, fireworks, buzzing mosquitoes and general building structural noises of non-specific nature.

..and so to sleep. But not normal sleep of course. This is travel sleep. The sleep of the time zone confused. Dreams filled with vivd images of sights seen, troubles unresolved, past lives unearthed and journeys to come.

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