A man for every job.

The odd thing about China is the number of people doing jobs that you didn’t think even existed. I suppose that’s the net result of a Communist country and a huge population.

For example in the restaurant this evening you have a meet and greet girl on the door, a gentleman to show you the menu before you get though the door, a head waiter to take you to your table, a different waiter to take your drinks order, a girl to bring the food to your table, a waiter to refill your wine glass, a troop of musicians to play you music and a kitchen full of more chefs than there are customers in the actual restaurant. The toilet has two attendants one male and one female, a cleaner or three and no doubt in some swanky places someone to turn the tap on and hand you a towel. I swear there was even someone to wave us good by as we departed.

The same happens in the Hotel, multiple receptionists complete your check-in paper work in duplicate whilst bell boys attend to your bags. Endless cleaners roam around emptying ashtrays and sweeping the floor whilst window cleaners polish windows and the numerous in hotel shops are staffed by even more numerous shop assistants.

Wandering back to the room more meet and greet people hover around the doorways to bars, Internet facilities, meeting rooms and massage parlours inviting you in. The endless doors and elevators also have their own attendants.

I happened to ask for a travel adapter and a woman arrived with a trolley full of every conceivable plug adapter, inverter, transformer and coupler imaginable. Judging from the efficacy with which she located the correct adapter I reckon that is her specific job. I assume that there is someone allocated to every other whim the guests may have.

The cleaning staff are the same, although they are far too efficient and discreet to ever be seen, there’s probably one for the bathroom, one for the bedding, one to plump the pillows, one to sweep the floor, one to dust the surfaces, someone to replenish the minibar and probably someone to supervise all the others.

The same extends onto the street, dozens of street cleaners patrol the streets cleaning every aspect of it, busy junctions have attendants at the crossings armed with whistles and flags. Policeman of numerous types with endlessly varying uniforms supervise every element of the roadways, pavements, parks and thoroughfares.

Books on Management skills must sell by the truck load here.

I am glad that tipping in hotels is not normal practice though. I’d be bankrupted by one trip to the restaurant and back.

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