Hello, I’m only here for two weeks…

…but can I change your brainwashing?

Now don’t take this the wrong way. I believe in personal liberty, freedom and the American flag. Actually scrap that last bit, please feel free to print it out on recycled paper and burn it, along with the flag.

Despite outward appearances to the contrary China is a still a Communist country. Information is heavily controlled in all walks of life. Great swathes of the Internet are censored, prone to return mysterious Chinese versions of the ‘Page not Found’ error in Internet Explorer. Television is the same, it’s curious at first you can’t work out what is missing, then suddenly it hits you, there’s only good news.

What you make of this is your own. Perhaps you think that information in the west is not controlled. I think you are very naive if you do.

Still, a lot of entertainment is to be had watching well meaning foreigners trying to re-educate the populous about cultural affairs and world politics. I have to admire their optimism, Personally I think you’d have an easier time trying to convince the Chinese that the world is flat.

Witness the Australian do-gooder trying to explain to a tour guide the ‘reality’ of Mao’s cultural revolution. The response from the guide was swift and practised, like a sentry point guard swinging into action. ‘Of course that’s not true, that is a common Western misconception’

I think perhaps there’s been plenty of education here on how to deal with the foreigners and their ‘lies.’ History, I suspect is relatively easy to re-write if you have enough control.

Still, you have to admire them for having a go. I don’t think we can change the world that quickly though. The English Empire tried to achieve that, look where it is now.

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