We had a fairly eventful journey getting here by taxi. We got a flat tyre on route and so the driver jumped out, flagged down a passing car who promptly turned round and drove off back up the dual carriageway the wrong way, leaving Pat and myself sat at the roadside. He returned 10 minutes later with a mechanic to do a hasty wheel change. Nice.
Arriving in the town we couldn't find a place to stay, but did manage to wear out several rickshaw drivers by having them peddle the two of us up and down the pot hole ridden streets for about an hour. We bumped into a guide at the Hare Krishna complex who said he knew of a hotel nearby. I wasn't expecting a great deal considering the crumbling state of the place. We jumped in yet another rickshaw to arrive at what can only be described as a 5* hotel stuck in the middle of nowhere. I think we're the only two people in it and at about 11 pounds a night I can't complain.
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  1. Hello Rick and Pat,
    Jon and I are having a look at your blog and Jon hasn’t been able to pick Pat out in that picture. Jon wants to know how you are doing this and I want a map so I know where you are.

  2. And why have you got a Texaco logo at the top. Are you being sponsored?

  3. And while we’re analysing the site, what does the number 897 on the top left (underneath the Texaco logo) mean??
    And hurry up with that map, I mean come on, where the hell IS Vrindaban??
    Love Jon

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