Bejing Transport

That’s a funny looking horse cowboy… Still, at least it doesn’t need feeding.

Actually, I’ve become a bit of a convert to these types of bikes. You’re sat upright so you can see everything, you’ve got a wide sprung saddle to stop your arse getting sore, a basket to keep your stuff in and a luggage rack at the back in case you need to give a friend a lift. Plus it’s got mud guards and a chain guard so you don’t get crap all over your over-long jeans. It’s called the ‘Forever’ a fitting name I’m sure.

I’m sure this will come as a bit of a shock to the mountain bike owning fraternity, but I think this is a far better design for tootling around the city streets. After all, how many areas of rugged terrain do you actually encounter on the streets of London? Maybe a pothole if you head up to north London.

I think that the obsession with mountain bikes is really about male vanity. People ride mountain bikes for the same reason they buy 4×4’s. A desperate attempt to make out they have an exciting outdoor life, which they patently do not. Riding down the canal tow path is not going “off road” if my books.

In my humble opinion? Ditch the stupid mountain bike and get one of these. OK, you’ll look a bit ridiculous, but at least you won’t have a bike stripe of mud up your back on rainy days.
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