The only way is up..

.and up we went via cable car to the top of one of the many mountains round here.

Cable cars are a funny form of transport it occurs to me. A fragile way to travel that really serves no other purpose that to get you to the top of a hill to admire the view without all the inconvenient exercise that is usually required.

Here when reaching the summit you can admire a large statue of The Buddha and visit a strange Disneyesque utopian village where everything is spotlessly clean and there are strange shops dedicated to the sale of chopsticks and strange cuddly toys. There is even some sort of pseudo fairground ride that purports to allow you to find 'enlightenment' I'm not sure The Buddha would have envisaged it like that.

Still, the view is good.

Encouraged by our journey in the cable car, we tried another of HK's advanced forms of hill climbing, namely the escalator. In central Hong Kong you can hop on an escalator, or rather about 10 of them to take you half way to 'The Peak.' That's a lot of escalators. Unfortunately half way is not really enough, after what seemed like an eternity of moving stairs we were finally deposited on a rather unassuming street with no real view whatsoever. Perhaps they are going to build the other escalators soon. Or, perhaps the Chinese put a stop to all this idle ascending.

We headed hastily back down for a giant club sarnie in a New York dinner and the comfort of a bar

'The Peak' still alludes us. Perhaps we'll go there in a taxi instead.

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