Jungle cinema

I still trying to work out what is going on with our friends and their cinema here in the jungle.

It's actually more organised than I initially realised, they've got lots of soft seating for those late night movie sessions and seem very happy if you go and join them.

Talking of which, I pottered over there the other evening and discovered about twenty other people lounging around waiting for the movie to start.

These guys being monster stoners, choosing the film proved to be a little tricky. I think the biggest mistake was when they tried to be democratic about it and ask everyone what they wanted to watch.

Queue twenty people weighing up the relative merits of several hundred movies. It took a while it has to be said.

We settled, collectively, after half an hour of negotiation on 'Zoolander' I think we really decided on that as it's the last letter in the alphabet.

The guy in charge of the computer then suddenly decided he needed to have a quick go on 'Rock Guitar Hero II' on the PS/2 before watching the movie proper.

For those of you not familiar with this game you play the guitar along to the chosen track using the game controller to select cords as they are illuminated on screen. It looks like a fair feat of dexterity it has to be said. Apparently you can get a plastic guitar to plug into the playstation and as the guy put it 'you can learn how to play all these cool tracks for real man.'

When asked as to whether he'd brought the plastic guitar with him his reply was a simple 'no' delivered with all the solemnity of a man who gets to the airport to go on holiday and discovers his passport is still on the kitchen table.

Thus we were all treated to his (fairly flawless it has to be said) performance of a Nirvana's 'Yeah'


Actually, I think these guys are more savvy than I give them credit for. The cinema is actually set up behind a bar. A bar with no staff that never actually sells anything mind you.

The secret is what lies next to that, a satellite broadband internet café, cheapest one around. I think they probably set that up on arrival and have been funding their lifestyle ever since.


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