Rumble in the jungle.

We're staying in a shack in the jungle near the beach. So far so normal.

Returning to the hut this evening I noticed a strange ethereal glow a little way off into the distance. On closer investigation it appeared to look like a video projection.

I thought I could make out some text, screwing my eyes up a little I could make out the letters..


I moved a little closer.

It would appear that some enterprising individuals have hung up a huge sheet from the trees to use as a screen for a video projector. Ingenious.

That's a fairly impressive undertaking, given the only access here is by boat. Presumably in their respective rucksacks they have not only a video projector and a games console, but a generator to power it all.

These were admittedly not top of the list when I was packing.

The reason for all this? So they can play computer games in the jungle.

You got to love the stone-head logic of it all. Genius.

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