There’s something odd going on..

Strange lumps of water are falling from the skies. Perhaps I have done something to anger the gods? Did I not place enough bottles of Fanta outside my spirit house last night?

No, its ok, it just raining.

That’s the first time I’ve seen rain since I left the UK. I still think it’s over-rated myself.

I’m sitting on a coach typing this heading towards Krabi. My T-shirt is adorned with labels stuck to it which also say ‘Krabi.’

The Thai’s have a very efficient way of processing the ‘Farangs’ (literal translation – ‘whitey’) When booking some sort of transport they label us before departure so we can be later be identified and marshalled into the correct vehicles. They’ve added extra labels along route, the exact purpose of which I can’t quite fathom.

I do feel somewhat like a heavily discounted purchase at the supermarket, but if it gets me there painlessly I can’t complain.

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