So I’m sitting here in my hammock half way up a mountain in a wooded shack staring at the stars, contemplating life the universe and everything.

There’s a weird rustling coming from beneath the balcony in the bushes down below. Is it some sort of exotic lizard I think. Maybe a giant arachnid of some kind.

Hesitantly, I direct the glow from my ‘phone over the side of the balcony. With a degree of trepidation I peer into the gloom several feet below.

After a few moments my eyes become accustomed to the light, and I see… Sparky the wonder dog. The local Heinz 57 mongrel sniffing around.

Oh well, not every evening can be filled with excitement I suppose.

It’s a funny thing technology. Our hut has a toilet you ‘flush’ by emptying a bucket of water down it. Yet I can sit here surfing the ‘net and sending emails as if I were sat at home. It’s the juxtaposition that makes it interesting. Maybe. The low and the high tech in the same environment.

I wish somebody could do something about the bloody mosquitoes though. Does anyone think those confounded coils you set fire to actually do anything? I picked one up earlier and there was a mosquito sat on it. That would seem to be contradiction of the word ‘repellent’ printed on the side of the box to me.

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