I dropped my camera in the sea….

…and it came back with all these pictures on.

Me! Me! Take my photo! I’m small, but cute!

Take note, Starfish are only interesting in pictures. In real life they are about as exciting as watching paint dry. It takes them half an hour to move about 1cm. A kind man insisted I touch it. It was hard and knobbly, just as you’d expect.

These guys are definitely not camera shy..

Hermit crabs are cool, it’s official. Especially one’s which wear stripey red jumpers.

Cue David Attenborough voice: “Here we can see the Hermit Crab in it’s natural habitat, at the Bangkok aquarium” Doh! That’s given the game away..

This guy just needs shades..

Does that guy pop everywhere? He’s always drinking as well..

What on earth is this supposed to be? An extra from one of the Alien movies? Intelligent design? Give me a break, nothing this stupid was designed. I put this forward as conclusive proof that there is no God, along with mosquitoes.
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