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Article No.1 – Colour Space Conversion

RE: REC 601 RED PATCH BARS to CMYK Preliminary results: What happens when your turn an engineering test signal into a painting? This I guess.. I’m still trying to decide whether to glaze it – CRT or LCD look I guess. Questions: Why? Because it’s interesting to take something that exists in one domain (An engineering test signal) and transfer it to another (a painting on a canvas) Sorry, I still don’t get it, why? It’s a colour space transfer – how […]

Small Worlds #2 – Beside the Seaside

Welcome to “Small Worlds” – bite sized chunks of life spinning through time and space.  More “Small Worlds” are evolving all the time, check back soon and visit them all.

Small Worlds #1 – Walking the Dog

Welcome to “Small Worlds” – bite sized chunks of life spinning through time and space. More small worlds are evolving, check back soon and visit them all…

Can you tell what it is yet?

There’s something very appealing about setting down your computer, picking up a paint brush and creating something that is tangible in the world – complete a painting and there is a sense of satisfaction. Nothing can break or go wrong – it cannot crash, fail to boot or otherwise not work. A fire or a flood are the only dangers to be fearful of. Get painting. “van rickgogh”

Song lyrics I really should have paid more attention to…

Tony.Christie – I Did What I Did For Maria Sun rise this is the last day  that I’ll ever see out in the court-yard they’re ready for me but I go to my Lord without fear ‘cos I did what I did for Maria. As I rode into town with the sun going down all the windows were barred there was noone around for they knew that I’d come with my hand on my gun and revenge in my heart […]

Attempting to write an article on the Android platform …

Like everything in the computing world it’s never as easy as you’d quite hope it should be. Never mind here’s a photo of some flowers to make us all feel s little calmer.. It has to be said that this swipe text input thing does work surprisingly well. Now all I have to do is get out of the habit of typing a double space as a shortcut for full stop. Damn you apple and your brainwashing.

Thames Cinemascope Tests


Cinemascope Hays Gallaria


Spooky Cinemascope Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill on a very misty evening in November. I guess if the aliens decide to come and visit this would be the landing site of choice. The only aliens we met were the kind who had drunk too much Thunderbird.

Cinemascope Imperial War Museum

Here’s a few photos taken with an Optex 1.33:1 anamorphic adapter attached to the 20mm f1.7 stuck on the front of a Panasonic GH1. It sort of works in so much as you get a 2.37:1 ratio image. There’s quite a lot od distortion at the edges though.