Monthly Archives: April 2011

Postcard from France

Location:Impasse de Panot,Agen,France



Paying Attention?

Weird, I’ve worked around it, obsessed about it, even written a short film about it (coming soon!) but never seen it like this until today.

Tim Minchin – Storm

A Short Sunday Stroll.

I’ve been playing with Cyclemeter for the iPhone – a nifty little App that plots your journey when on the move and then produces a Google maps overlay. You can see an example of this here. The squiggly bits are when I went into a pub…

ET The Chocolate Croissant

The Price of Sobriety #2

64p for two pints of lime and soda. Fitzroy Tavern – Goodge St.


No, I didn’t make it in Photoshop…

Give me strength.

Location:Newman Passage,Paddington,United Kingdom

Recumbent Bench.