Monthly Archives: March 2011

Government Elected Dictatorship

300 thousand (estimated) march in London as a result of government policy on cutting public services. The response?   Business Secretary Vince Cable said the government will not change its economic strategy as a result of the TUC protest. He told the BBC’s Politics Show: “Certainly we’re listening. I talk regularly to the trade union movement, I think it’s important we have a dialogue with them but we’re not going to change the basic economic strategy. “No government – coalition, […]

Botheration from my Relationship Account Manager

This dropped into my mail box this morning: Dear Mr. Rick Depending on your previous spend with Dell, you have been identified as one of the preferred accounts at Dell and your account is now assigned to me. What does this mean to you? You have a dedicated team who would recommend a tailor made solution to meet your IT needs and requirements No botheration about staying stranded in long telephonic queues and no more speaking to a machine – […]

Computer for Sale.

Another classic eBay listing photo…

Giant Cow Food?

Indecision about desktop wallpaper…