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Busy Digging

Father Ted: Now concentrate this time, Dougal. These [he points to some plastic cows on the table] Father Ted: are very small; those [pointing at some cows out of the window] Father Ted: are far away…

Would you like a toolbar with that?

Here’s screen grab from a laptop that dropped into the engineering workshop. This is the unholy mess that ensues when your average computer user ignores all those Free handy Toolbar installers. Of course, if you actively try you can get a much more impressive result:

Greetings from Iran! (or Cuba or Burma….)

I was greeted with this one this morning. Apparently my place of work has moved to an embargoed country over night. It’s rather annoying that nobody told me…. If you’re planning a holiday here’s the complete list of places you cannot download Java: Cuba Iran Myanmar (Burma) – See note below North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) Sudan Syria

Fatal Floor AKA “Man Trap”

Here’s a bit of TV history for you – “Fatal Floor” a 1970’s public information on the dangers of err, putting rugs on wooden floors. ..and to think he’d only just come from the hospital.

Ukrainian Army Promo Video

Presumably you can take your new employer to court and sue them if you have to do anything not advertised in their promotional material, such as fighting for example?


An occasional article pointing out curious usage of the English language in the furniture giants publications. This week, how to get the word “need” into a single sentence three times.

We’ll fix it in Post #347

Today’s example: “We can do anything with green screen” including the removal of extraneous lights and even random members of the production crew who have managed to get into shot. Oh and if your green screen is too small don’t worry we can just rotoscope it all for you.

Additional Seating

Additional seating for the elderly, or small perhaps.

The Writing on the Wall.