Monthly Archives: October 2011

Head of large capitalist organisation dies, fanboys morn. (Bye bye Steve Jobs)

So the outpouring has begun… Bye then Steve, you made some nice shiny things along the way, but did you really make that much difference? Incidentally our Mac Pro failed to boot this morning, a trend I suspect will continue with all Mac products over the coming months. Perhaps it simply couldn’t face it any more. But in all seriousness, perhaps this comment I read earlier sums up my feelings: “The death of Steve jobs is a loss to his […]

Levitation Experiment

For the next experiment I will attempt to make Genia walk on water.

Things I definitely won’t be buying from Amazon today.

Is this perhaps a mistake? Seems a bit pricey to me. Have a look yourself here.

New Apple iPhone Silhouette?

Is it me or does the pretty cool sliding animation not work properly on the iPhone homepage?

Folkestone Toilets

It can be tricky going to the toilet in Folkestone – either you have to arrive in the right month or be willing to walk a kilometre or two.